Verisurance is a trailblazer in revolutionizing insurance tracking and Collateral Protection Insurance (CPI) solutions for auto dealers and lenders. Positioned as a leading provider of cloud-based software, Verisurance empowers auto dealers and lenders with a comprehensive platform, seamlessly monitoring and managing customers’ auto insurance status. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, including a customizable online dashboard, Verisurance facilitates real-time insights, automates processes, and streamlines communication to efficiently navigate insurance-related challenges. Committed to minimizing insurance risk, ensuring compliance, and enhancing overall profitability, Verisurance stands out with unmatched resources in the insurance tracking industry, offering a robust and secure solution for the dynamic landscape of insurance management.


Verisurance’s mission is to be the premier resource for clients seeking innovative, reliable, and secure solutions in insurance management. Dedicated to providing unparalleled resources, Verisurance aims to empower auto dealers and lenders with cutting-edge technology, enabling them to navigate the complexities of insurance tracking and CPI efficiently. By prioritizing innovation, reliability, and security, Verisurance is committed to facilitating increased control, minimizing losses, and fostering overall profitability for its clients in the constantly evolving landscape of insurance and Collateral Protection Insurance solutions.