Game-Changing Software Makes Auto Insurance Tracking Easy


As an auto lender or dealer, you must take the correct steps involving auto insurance tracking. If one of your borrowers doesn’t have proper car insurance and they are involved in an accident, your company is now at risk. Auto insurance tracking is tedious. From keeping up with your portfolio to contacting every borrower, there is plenty of room for mistakes. This is where Verisurance’s game-changing software comes in.

Verisurance is a leading provider of cloud-based software that enables auto lenders and dealers to quickly and effectively track each borrowers’ auto insurance status. Our software provides a revolutionary and comprehensive platform to help lenders and dealers manage and reduce insurance risk at their company, so an uninsured borrower never falls through the cracks and your company remains completely risk-free.

Benefits of Auto Insurance Tracking Software

No more paperwork hassles or uncertain mail notices. Our advanced technology offers a customizable online dashboard for quick access to real-time data and reports with a single click. This efficiency enables lenders and dealers to communicate promptly with borrowers, resolving insurance issues and ensuring company security.

Auto insurance tracking software lets your company save time and increase profits. These must-have benefits include:

  • Easily track insurance coverage on existing loans
  • Verify correct insurance coverage on all new loans
  • Save money and time on staff expenditures
  • Complete detailed insurance history for compliance and recovery
  • Document management for insurance notices
  • Automate communications with customers to resolve insurance issues
  • Pull internal reports with one-click
  • Easily store customer communications for quick reference
  • Increase your overall profitability and portfolio value while gaining portfolio control

Software Designed with Lenders and Dealers in Mind

Our auto insurance tracking software is game-changing because it’s designed with you in mind. Our team comes from automotive, consumer finance and technology industries so we know the problems lenders and dealers face daily with auto insurance tracking. That’s why we wanted to create a car insurance tracking software that makes life easier—and really works. Our goal is to create simple and easy-to-use solutions to complex problems by using the latest innovative technology.

Verisurance’s auto insurance tracking software initiates contact with your borrowers via text and email from day one, so your borrowers are fully aware their insurance is being closely monitored. Your borrowers will react and take action immediately to avoid having collateral protection insurance issued on their vehicle or even having their vehicle repossessed.

Verisurance’s enterprise cloud application gets the information you need right when you need it. Once you’ve experienced how easy and reliable our Viacel insurance tracking software is, insurance tracking will never be the same.

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At Verisurance, we’ll help you increase the number of loans in your portfolio with proper insurance coverage while reducing losses and increasing profitability. To take advantage of our secure, automated and cost-efficient communication system.

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