How Insurance Tracking Benefits Car Dealerships


Your subprime borrower just totaled their vehicle. They still owe over $4,000. Unknown to you, they didn’t have any valid insurance or their insurance has lapsed.

You do your best to keep up with insurance tracking. However, the process is time-consuming and labor-intensive. You don’t have the time to verify between third parties. If yo track insurance manually you run the risk of human errors as well. Between calculations that end up falling through the cracks and the inability to keep up with the amount of paperwork it takes to verify insurance, you could be left in a serious lurch.

Now, because of all the things that go wrong, you’re stuck with a substantial bill. Keeping up with insurance can be an exhausting process, but necessary to make sure you don’t end up having to spend thousands of dollars to cover a loss. Fortunately, Verisurance is has found a solution to streamline the process to benefit car dealerships, insurance companies, and drivers.

How Car Dealerships Benefit From Verisurance’s Tracking Insurance

At Verisurance, we pride ourselves on unraveling complex problems and creating simple, straightforward solutions. We understand the importance of insurance tracking for auto dealers and recognize serious issues in the process. Therefore, we created an intuitive, user-friendly software to mitigate insurance tracking issues. This cloud-based system was designed with car dealers like you in mind and we make monitoring easy and effective.


platform is highly configurable and flexible. You can tailor it to match the unique needs of your organization.

Most importantly, Verisurance uses strict security protocols backed by major financial institutions. Each session is encrypted to prevent data breaches so your information and your user’s information are well protected.

With close monitoring and the ability to be reached through text, your customers will react and take action immediately in order to avoid having force-placed insurance issued on their vehicle, having their vehicle disabled, or having their vehicle repossessed.

Verisurance is entirely dedicated to the recording and tracking of each customer’s insurance information. You can easily run reports and build queues on upcoming cancellation dates and expired insurance. You never have to worry about someone’s insurance lapse. For instance, you will have the ability to track missing insurance information and send out texts requesting action to get those customer’s information updated.

This is a significant step up to tracking techniques that require reaching out to the customer via a letter or phone call. Instead, you can instantly know who needs to update their insurance and contact them immediately.

Verisurance knows insurance is a critical factor for BHPH dealers and we easily allow you to keep on top of this with our insurance tracking.

Our team comes from the automotive, financial services, consumer finance, and technology industries. We understand what your concerns are, and how you want to solve them. With that in mind, we always strive to find the best solution that would work for you.

Don’t Take Our Word For It – Try An Insurance Tracking Demo Today!

We encourage any car dealership to try our demo to see for themselves the Verisurance difference. Once you’ve learned how effective and easy our software is to use give us a call. We are excited to start working with you!

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